Company introduction
Padideh Kimia Company is a designer, manufacturer and consultant in the field of filtration systems. The effort of our colleagues in Padideh Kimia Company is to provide new engineering solutions in accordance with modern standards and the strategic policy of this company is based on specialization and providing complete engineering services including design, construction, installation and providing additional consulting in the field of filtration.
Some of our capabilities are as follows
- Production of portable filter bag device
- Production of jet filter device
- Production of industrial filter bags
- Manufacturing and production of cyclones
- Cement silo filter device
- Manufacturing and production of rotary valves
- Sewing and production of filter bags
- Production of filter bag baskets with electrostatic paint
- Construction and production of intelligent bag filter controller
- Production of HEPA air purifier
- Making electro-filter device
- Manufacturing various types of centrifugal fans
- Supply of bag filter and electro-filter parts
Some of the projects we have contributed to the preservation of the environment
- Filter bag installed for induction melting furnace of Rouin Polad Middle East Company, Najafabad Industrial Town
- Filter bag installed for induction melting furnace of Sabalan Steel Company, Heydariyeh Takestan Industrial Town
- Filter bag of induction furnace of Atashgah Steel Company of Najafabad Industrial Town, Mr. Ahmadi
- Installation of bag filter filter of Bita induction furnace in Najafabad industrial town, Mr. Hosseini
- Filter bag installed for induction melting furnace of Tiran Zob Company, Tiran Ghaffari Industrial Town
- Filter bag for cast iron melting induction furnace of Mr. Heidari Alavijeh Industrial Town
- Installation of three filter bags for Siah Kooh steel pellet production plant in Ardakan industrial town
- Bag Filter Induction Furnace Villashahr Casting Rasoul Harouni
- Installing the filter bag of the only induction furnace for melting Najafabad 2 industrial town, Mr. Tusi
- Installation of filter bag of induction furnace in Azizabad industrial area, Mr. Gholami
Installation of filter filter bag of Mr. Rezaei Jargaviyeh Industrial Town
Installation of Mr. Abedini induction furnace filter bag
- Installation of two bag filter devices for melting furnace and sand blasting company of Paya Sanat Company in Tiran Industrial Town
- Installation of aluminum smelting filter bag in Shokohiyeh industrial town of Qom, Mr. Iraqi
- Construction of three jet filters for Sepahan Daneh Company in Mobarakeh Industrial Town
Installation of two aluminum smelting bag bags, Mr. Rasoul Yaghoubi, Kaveh Najafabad Industrial Town
- Installation of an aluminum smelting bag bag, Mr. Alikhani, Montazerieh Industrial Town, Najafabad
- Installation of an aluminum smelting bag filter machine in Mr. Nafei Villa
And there are dozens of other successful projects in our portfolio

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