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Rotary Valvs

The Alchemy phenomenon is used as a rotary valve (air lock) in the outlets filled with materials, silos, cyclones, bag filters, and filters, etc. to discharge loads or materials inside them.
Rotary Valves (Air Lock) and Rotary Airlock are equipment that allows materials to pass from one equipment to another with different air pressure and prevent the pressure from being transmitted between them. The equipment is not used alone, but as a member of a complex, and in particular in materials transfer systems, it is widely used. Due to the special use of these equipment, very strong valves and very powerful motors are their main pillars.
The body of the machine is made of cast iron GG25 or stainless steel ss304 or aluminum in three sizes: 1 inch, 2 inch and 2 inch, according to customer's request.
The gap between the rotor and the cylinder is below 0.8 mm and above 0.8 mm, so as to create air lock mode, to keep the rotor flowing, and to lock the rotor into the cylinder. Avoid, by interpreting the device temperature.
The rotor works on permanent bearings (no lubrication required) and maintenance.
The flanges of the machine are designed to be rounded on one side and square on the other, making it easy to install, with no installation restrictions.
The Volvo Rotary Machine is painted with an electrostatic spraying machine and is annealed at 2 ° C.
With this device, the operator can manage the output load of its tanks.
Our product is ۱۰۰ ۱۰۰ Iranian, with one year warranty and five years after-sales service.
Types of these valves are also referred to as fine-grained locks, cross-laminated lids, material-transferable lubricants, material-controlled lubricants, material-lubricated milk lubricants, silo lubricants, flour lubricants, wheat lubricants, octopters, cement lubricants, rotary valves. .
Rotary valves are used in many industries including industries, food, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, plastics, mining, agriculture.

Rotary Airlock Valves

Padideh Kimia Co. Manufacturer of silo filter material

As the cement is transferred from the boner truck to the storage silo, the material will become difficult to remove as dust from the top of the silo. This dust is contaminated by scattering around the area, which consumes a considerable amount of material. The cement silos (materials), designed solely to solve these problems, filter the dust and return it to the silo.

What is a Silo Filter?

A cylindrical round housing is designed to be mounted on the outlet above the material silos. The filter housing is made of stainless steel with special fabric filters installed vertically.

How is the filter cleaned ?

This device is equipped with an automated reverse-air cleaning system (jet pulse) inside the device compartment. And the dust returns the filtered dust directly without the need for human intervention into the silo.

In what industries does it work?

This filter was originally designed for cement and similar materials, and can be mounted on a variety of silos, and used for any other dry dust.

Install this device:

Another advantage of this device is easy installation, and it does not require a professional installer, and can be installed by a regular technical force in a short time, which reduces your costs. The flange made by the manufacturer is simply welded onto the silo. The filter is driven by a number of screws on the silo. The device starts automatically after the single-phase power supply and the compressed wind are plugged in.

Device Maintenance Service:

It does not require any special service and maintenance, and costs no more than replacement bags, long life and easy maintenance. This filter uses very little silo, electricity and wind, making it economical to use.

Silo filter types

The filters produced vary greatly in the type and number of fabrics used, depending on the capacity of the silo, the type of air, and the installation location. Some of these filters have the ability to filter multiple silos at once.

Filter Capacity Selection:

When selecting a filter, you should consider the number of times the silo has been emptied over a 24-hour period, and the larger the number of times the silo has to be filled per day, the larger the filter size should be selected for further filtration.

Waterproof Filter:

In humid areas, the penetration of moisture into the filter and silo can cause many problems. This type of filter prevents the entry of humid air into the filter and silo, and the type of waterproof bag is selected.

Device Function:

The device is guaranteed up to one year in terms of performance and performance.

It has up to five years of after-sales service.

This device can prevent the loss of in-silos materials, and solve your environmental problems. In tests of the output of these types of filters by a reliable environmental monitoring laboratory, the amount of emitted particulate matter is equal; It was milligrams per cubic meter, much lower than the standard 5 milligrams per cubic meter and easily received environmental standards. So that only clean, standard air comes out of the silo and keeps your workshop area clean.

Types of these filters are also called silo dust collectors, silo bag filters, industrial silo filters and automatic silo filters.

silo top filter

Introuduction of padide kimia company .

Padide kimia industrial group objective is taking care of human who live in earth and decrease harmful effect of indastrial productoins .

We help better production , environment and cleaner work shop by doing this .safe environment is base of constant production and green economy needs clean air production companies want to increase their profitability , they should increase their company of environment  standard and protect their manpower from smoke , gas and dust

Padide kimia industrial group can help you reach this task we advance produstion and solutions for industrial filtration that meets your expectation .

Padide kimia has been active in designing , built industrial filtration for more than 6 years and also during this time , advancement of technical knowledge in designing production and services after sale have advanced along technology of the day with making systems based on needs of customers you can choose padide kimia as your designer , builder and adviser for industrial filtration systems . ( bag filter , scrubber ) and centrifuge fans and Rotary volvo .

Effort our cooperators offering engineering modem solutions based on standard of the day in padide kimia and strategic policy of this company is based on specialization and offering engineering complete service such as designing , built , installation and offering supplementary advisement for something that said , and also it is based on needs of customers . this company can introduce appropriate machine for your qualification after continuous connection with unclean factory and checking their pollution problem for environment and hygiene of environment and after lots of exam of own machines .

Some of padide kimias ability including:

Dust collector is device including some bags that attached to holders called the basket , which , with the entry of gas including dust from the inlet valve and moving towards to the output of the filter , settle on the exterior surface bag . So by doing the air pulse , existent dust on the bags have shaken and has fallen in to the bottom part of the filter . At last dust separate from gas .

Flat bag filter

In this kind of filter , flat collector bag of dust installed into unclean gas container into laterad and this bags have lots of groove Direction of stream of gas from filter is up to down .

silo filter

when we unload matter in silo , atomy of matter into dust exit from top of silo and it has lots of problem . lots of this dust generate pollution by scattering in around finally cause hasty frazzled equipment by subsidence on the silo surface and machinery .

silo dust collector device ( bag filter ) has designed for solving this problem .

Electrostatic filter

Electrostatic dust collector systems are pieces of equipment for separating atomy form stream of gas .In this systems gas including levitative atomy had transmitted through electrodes powered by direct current by the high pressure voltage .As a result because of ionisation gas and becoming pregant atomy in Electrical field that have made atomy will be pregant and absorb into side of charged pages by against electrical charge and clean gas will exit from its output .


Scrubber with mesic mechanism make because of dripping and clearing the air including harmful gases for environment .

Centrifuge fan

Centrifuge fans in two kinds of backward and forward can meet the needs of customers in comprehensive gamut of industry such as steel , cement , chemical , mining and food in different country .

This fans are maken based on global standard and with complete static balance and dynamic .

Rotary volvo ( Air lock )

Rotary volvo device is a kind of Rotary valve that allow evacuation matter from matter collection funnel by preventing from air penetrations , float board of this device turn because of propulsion that receive from a motorized gearboxes and resultant dust evacuate from collection funnel with swirl of float board easily .


Cyclones do seperating based on eccentricity force that way stream of gas including dust enter the cyclone . from above wall of cyclones body that is cylindrical and conduce in complete cone and flows down . At first same gas circulate in circle space between lateral surface of output tube and interior surface of output tube and interior surface of cyclones cylinder and then in cyolones container and that way create a peripheral the eccentricities and atomy of dust steer along gas to side cylinder and conepart . stream of gas changes its direction and goes up and to the output of tube . atomy of dust affer touching with cyclones wall falls down to the bottom of the cyclone and exit from cyclone by output

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manager : Mr . mazaheri

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Clean and efficient production and safe enviroment with padide kimia of product .